The Golden Retrieval

Well, we did it. Dan and I both went in to Encino, went under anesthesia, and came out sore, but elated with the results!

Dan may be a little less happy. His TESE was apparently a real pain in the nuts, but he's been a trooper. I'm feeling relatively crampy, but only if I try to move too fast, or at all, like when I chase my toddler because he is eating crayons and trying to put a diaper on the dog.

To think we paid $29K for the chance at another kid when I can't even manage my first one in this state. Lloyd is confused as to why he can't jump on my lap and why no one in our household can currently lift him. But, thankfully, he's been playing along for the most part and having "Amma" here serves as a great distraction.

Enough about my adorable terror of a 2-year-old, let's get to the numbers: yesterday morning, we went in hoping for 12-14 eggs. We got ... (drumroll please) ... 18! I mean.... EIGHTEEN?!?! That is like the biggest portion of eggs you can buy at the grocery store! And they came from MY ovaries. To quote my friend Joanna, "You deserve a standing ovary-ation.”

And yes, yes I do.

We got the call this morning that of the 18, 15 were mature and 11 survived fertilization. ELEVEN. If you remember back to last week, I was excited thinking we may just get 11 eggs total and hoped that half of those would fertilize. Now we have 11 FERTILIZED EGGS.

I'm sorry. I can't control the all-caps. My ovaries and I are just too excited! It's EGGSTRAORDINARY!!!

So, that's the eggs-citing news. Okay. Okay, I'll stop with the puns. But really. We did it!

Now we wait. We see how many make it to Day Six. It could be none, it could be eight (highly unlikely). The possibilities are endless. Well, OK, the possibilities are between 0-11. I'm just thankful we have possibilities and enough fertilized eggs to give us hope.

My main goal now is to heal quickly and prepare for the implantation. I've begun Medrol pills, and will add in Chrinone Vaginal Gel (Progesterone) and Estrace pills in the next few days along with baby aspirin. I've been told to have ZERO carbs to reduce my risk of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS), something that wasn't even on my radar last time but apparently can occur in women with 20+ eggs or who suffer from PCOS, which I do. No fruit, limited veggies, it pretty much blows. But it's worth it. I just keep telling myself that, in the end, all of this is so, so worth it.

Monday morning at 9:30 is my transfer. That is, assuming there is something to transfer. We won't know until we get there.

It's terrifying, but we are hopeful. At this point, anything feels possible. Except bedrest when you have a toddler.

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