Roll Call

Today was the day. The first ultrasound. At 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant, we knew we wouldn't see much.

We nervously waited in the small room, me with my dress hiked up to my waist and Dan gently rubbing my back, peppered with random bursts of excited tapping.

The doctor entered with a nurse and I assumed the position. I lay there spread eagle and began my nervous patter.

"I can't wait to see a sac. We've really been looking forward to getting a head count."

The doctor said "Yes, I'm counting them now."


So there is a THEM?

I looked up to the screen. There were two plainly visible sacs and she was searching for a third. Her hunt came up empty and it was official.... Twins.

Two sacs were clearly visible, each a centimeter long, spooning eachother and right on target for growth. She showed us their little yolks and assured us that all looked good. We made another appointment for next Thursday afternoon where we should be able to see the heartbeats.

Heartbeats. Plural.

I'm way more excited than I anticipated. Dan has been practicing deep breathing and seems slightly more panicked.

We are both cautiously optimistic and terrified all at once. But for today, I'm smiling. I'm reveling in the joy of knowing that I'm such an overachiever that I am currently housing twice as many babies as planned.

My husband has already begun showing me minivans online and asked how I feel about the names Luke and Leia. I think he may be coming around to the idea.