The Graduate

The day I thought would never come is here. I have graduated from my fertility clinic.

This may sound silly to some. But for those of us who have spent what feels like a lifetime at this place, surrounded by these people, it's a big deal. It means we have done it! We are pregnant.

This is the moment they set you free. Release you in to the wild to join the pregnant masses. From now on I'll see my regular OB and sit in a sea of pregnant ladies. None will know my story or previous pain. They will see my swollen belly and just assume I'm one of them. I'm part of the pregnant crowd. It's surreal.

The morning started with the usual ultrasound. Both hearts were beating and all looked good. I was then escorted in to a private conference room. Dr. B gave me a warm hug and said "Oh ye of little faith. You thought we couldn't do it."

He's absolutely right. I didn't think this was going to happen. Not after two failed rounds anyway. I wanted to quit. Give up. I was done. Dr. Boostenfar wouldn't let us quit. And boy, am I grateful for his unwavering confidence. That man has skills.

He left the room and a nurse entered. She showed me pictures of her twins - an 8-year-old girl and boy - and told me the story of how they came about, via a clinical trial, just like mine. She gave me my parting gifts. Back when I graduated with Lloyd, the gift was a soft green blanket. This time they had upgraded to an HRC onesie and clay so you can do baby's first handprint. I was given two graduation gifts, one for each baby. Each nurse on the way out smiled and congratulated me.

This is a big day. Graduation day. It somehow feels even bigger than my actual collage graduation.

Of course, I graduated with a BA in theatre and somehow, graduating with twins feels way more "real world" applicable. The ratio of Chekhov to diaper changes I've done since graduating college is incomparable.

I held back the tears as I hugged my favorite nurse, Shanise. She and her wife are also expecting a baby in July and I made her promise to keep me in the loop. I returned the promise. I will call them with my blood test results ... which should be back early next week sometime. Plus, I will let them know how the nuchal translucency scan goes. The NT scan is supposed to happen at the 12-week mark, but my appointment is tomorrow, at 10 weeks 5 days, and I'm hoping they will do it early. I'll be seeing a perinatologist, who I always accidentally call a paleontologist. I figure they are similar enough. One studies old fossils of dinosaurs. And the other handles women of "Advance Maternal Age." Potato, potahto.

Things are beginning to feel so real that I ordered a few books off Amazon about bringing twins home to help transition my son. We are going to share the baby news with him once we get the blood test results back and we are sure everyone is healthy. I think he's going to be thrilled.

Our mini schnauzer may need a little more convincing though...

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