Game on!

Yesterday I had my first visit with my perinatologist. I was hoping he would do my NT scan early and my mind would be set at ease, but at only 10 weeks, 5 days, he said it was too early.

The doctor was running about an hour and a half behind and the lobby was standing room only. Thankfully, I've finally started to loosen up a bit now that I'm in the "safe" zone, so the wait wasn't brutal.

The nurse called me back to run my vitals. She asked me my history as she took my blood pressure. I got through the list of miscarriages and IVF tries with ease but apparently my blood pressure shot up when I said I was having twins. They tried taking it two more times. Still high. Unusual for me, but they didn't seem worried so off we went to the exam room.

First, the nurse performed my ultrasound. This is the first time I got one from above. Not vaginal but a legit abdominal ultrasound. It was exciting. Then she found it...

"Were you pregnant with triplets?" She asked.

I told her that was news to me. She said she had found something that looked to be a third sac.

I panicked.

"It's empty right?" I said, sounding heartless and paranoid, suddenly imagining giving birth to triplets. She told me it was empty. And actually it could be a subchronic bleed. But she wasn't sure. She asked if I'd been bleeding. Which, thankfully, I hadn't.

The doctor came in. He and the nurse looked at the images and discussed. He took a turn at the ultrasound and decided it was indeed a subchronic bleed. It's rather large and looks like it is wedged between Baby A and its placenta, preventing it from attaching all the way to the uterine lining.

It sounded bad and he looked concerned. I asked him if I should be worried. He said "I'm worried. But you don't need to worry".

Yeah right, buddy.

The doctor asked me for the third time if I'd been bleeding. Answer was still “no.”

He put me back on the "no" list. No sex. No lifting. No fun. Just in time for our babymoon to Vegas this weekend. Yay (typed in my most sarcastic tone).

He told me I needed to take it "really easy" and warned me that I needed to prepare for bedrest by week 28. Basically, by May, I'm gonna need to figure out a way to single parent my son from the couch while my husband is student teaching and in school 60 hours a week.

I enjoy a challenge. But this one seems daunting.

My husband was with me at the appointment and after they left, I asked him if he remembered the term. Sub what? All I remembered was the word “bleed." I wanted to know exactly what it was so I could go home and Google it. I'm not someone who can just leave something like this alone. I hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I needed to know what I was preparing for.

My husband, knowing me all too well, made me promise not to Google it in that moment. I begrudgingly agreed, put my phone down and we packed our bags and headed out on our babymoon.

It is now 5:27am. I've been up since 3:13am.

And I Googled it.

Subchronic bleed. Turns out, it's not great. In fact, in can be really, really bad. It makes my currently high risk pregnancy even higher risk. Who knew that was possible?

I read horror stories from women who had it, and success stories from others. It increases your risk of miscarriage as well as pre-term labor. But, it seems like with bed rest it can completely go away in a few weeks, if I'm lucky. I'm obviously hoping for the latter.

This is happening. I've checked one more box in the "high risk" category, because, my uterus is a high maintenance, saucy minx.

But I'm a stubborn redhead who is damned determined to have two healthy babies. So game on uterus.


If you need me, I'll be on the couch...