A bridge over broken waters

I didn't sleep great Wednesday night. Maybe because of the heat. More likely because of the two tiny humans taking up residence inside my uterus that have decided that 2-6 am is the best time for karate practice. I woke up when I felt a warm gush between my legs. A big gush. I jumped up faster than I've moved this entire trimester whilst screaming to my husband "My water broke! My water broke? Yup, MY WATER BROKE!" I felt the liquid as it continued to pour down my legs and form a puddle. I checked. No blood. No meconium. The fluid was clear, and so was the message. Get thee to a hospital! I called my doctor’s office to let them know I was enroute. Dan woke Lloyd and followed me around the house with a beach towel, cleaning up my puddles as I headed to the shower. Dried off. Still leaking fluid. Got dressed. Still leaking. Grabbed my hospital bag and off we went. I arrived at the ER entrance at 6:30am. The entire back of my dress was soaking wet and I was still leaving a slippery trail behind me. I checked in, letting them know I was 33 weeks and 4 days pregnant with twins. Lloyd and I hopped on the wheelchair with Dan trailing behind us, and off we went to labor and delivery. The staff, who I know all too well thanks to my eventful pregnancy, was awesome. They immediately got me in a room and confirmed my water had broken. But whose? That's when it happened. Another huge gush. This time I soaked the bed, the floor around me and an innocent nurse. I then proceeded to attempt to waddle to the bathroom since I suddenly had to pee. Who knew MORE liquids could exit my body??? And mid waddle, I slipped in my own amniotic fluid. Keeping it classy. I'd like to take a moment to pause and call bullshit on this whole "water breaking" business. My water never broke with Lloyd. But in every movie I've ever seen, it's a quick cute burst like a little water balloon falling from vagina heaven. I'm here to dispel that myth. BULLSHIT! We found out later that only Baby A's sac ruptured. Baby B (our boy) is still happily swimming laps and doing somersaults in his fluid. I think he would have held on till our scheduled July 17th due date no problem. He may have even stayed through college, he seems so content in there. Our baby girl, however, decided it was time to make a grand exit. I can't say I'm too surprised.

Let's take a moment to reflect on this pregnancy. She's the one with placenta previa. She's the one who had a hematoma. She was the suspected partial placental abruption that is now ironically a possible accreta. She is full of sass and has decided she's ready to meet us. I cannot help but wonder if this fiery girl will have red hair. God, help me. Everyone from the Henry Mayo staff has been a huge comfort. A Doctor from NICU came straight over to talk with us. Both my doctors visited. With strong contractions 2-4 minutes apart, they started me on a magnesium drip in hopes of slowing labor. The nurses were hilarious and encouraging. But no matter how positive our attitude, one fact cannot be ignored. These babies are going to need NICU time. No matter what. And this mommy needs to mentally prepare for that reality. Our goal is to hold these babies in until 34 weeks. Three days. I arrived Thursday morning. I've made it two full days. 24 hours left to go. If all goes as planned, these babies will be delivered tomorrow morning. The magnesium has done its job and successfully slowed my contractions, although I'm not as overjoyed with the hot flashes and shortness of breath side effects. A steroid shot was immediately given when I checked in, along with a booster 24 hours later to help the babies’ lungs. I'm getting daily ultrasounds and these babies are making fetal heart rate monitoring nearly impossible. In fact, one of my favorite nurses told me that my twins were officially "one of her most difficult cases in 34 years.” 

If three nurses and a doctor can't keep track of these babies when they are inside me, I have no clue how I'm gonna do it when they are toddlers running around outside my womb. I'm thinking microchips and leashes? 

We had planned for a July 17th delivery. I had planned to wash the crib sheets and order the infant inserts for the car seats. I had planned to get out the breast pump and sterilize bottles and clean the whole house. And I had planned on having a month to go. If I knew I only had till Thursday I wouldn't have spent all last week watching Netflix. Unfortunately, my kids had other plans. And although I know emotionally it's going to be hard to have them in NICU, I'm ready to meet them. We all are. So, here we go. 

As of now, it looks like they will be delivering our twins at 7:30am on Father's Day, June 18th, 2017. The babies will go straight to NICU with Dan and I will be sent to recovery and unable to see them for the first 24 hours. I foresee a lot of ugly crying in my future tomorrow. A lot can still change between now and then, so we'll see how this plays out. All I can say is that if this does happen as planned, I win best Father's Day gift EVER! Nailed it! Every year henceforth I will just write Dan a note saying, "please refer to Father's Day 2017". There are a lot of complications that we are preparing for in this delivery including a possible hysterectomy and blood transfusions. No matter what the outcome, babies will go to the NICU and I'll be sent to the postnatal ward for recovery. The thought of not being with them breaks my heart, but Dan will go with them and they will be with a team of specialists we trust. As I understand it, I will be able to wheel over once the drugs wear off, they've removed my catheter and I've proven I can pee independently. We all know liquid falling from my vagina is a special skill, so I'm staying positive that I'll get to visit them in the first 24 hours. Until then, I'll sit in my hospital bed and listen to their little hearts beat on the monitor as they hit and kick me with all their might. Relishing these last few hours together before a new terrifying and unknown journey begins. When you're weary, feeling small When tears are in your eyes, I'll dry them all I'm on your side, oh, when times get rough And friends just can't be found Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me down Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me down