IVF: I'm Very Funny

My 3-year-old has been asking lots of questions regarding his creation.

In some ways, the scientific answer may be easier to give than if we had made him the good old-fashioned way. We've always been open and honest with Lloyd. We call body parts by their real names. We answer questions honestly and hopefully, appropriately, when asked.

So, when I took an video class that asked me to create a film with heart, and a little boy at home asking me how he and his siblings came to be, a (semi) educational IVF video for kids seemed like the obvious choice.

It occurred to me there are lots of little IVF kiddos running around out there these days, which had me wondering how often those children ask their parents "Was I a big blastocyst?" Lloyd has requested the story of his egg-to-embryo journey quite a bit, and we decided it was time to sit him down and have him tell his version. He remembered more than I thought he would. And, in true Lloyd fashion, he added in some humor of his own.

Lloyd and I created this film together to share with all of you. Dan, Mabel and Walter all pitched in quite a bit too. Shout out to a member of our extended family, James Paul Xavier, who helped me visualize the stop motion bits and spent an entire afternoon brainstorming and creating bobble heads of my family and never once said "Sarah, you are crazy.

At least not out loud.

Last month was Infertility Awareness Month, and last week was Mother's Day. So, in honor of those things, we give you our IVF journey. There are so many different paths one can take on the journey to motherhood. Whether these babies grow in our bellies, in our hearts, or in a Petri dish, we love them all the same.

And in case you are wondering, Lloyd was indeed a very large blastocyst.